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Continuation Factor
June 19th

A performance event acknowledging TIME and its Continuation Factor.


Faith Johnson
performs Leaning

4-7pm - Along Mass Ave. near Central Sq.

Kirk Amaral Snow

4-7pm at Meme,

Kirk Amaral Snow will be present the durational piece Hand, the second from a series entitled What lies beneath, exploring secrecy, artifice, and mystery.
Dirk Adams
Mystery Solution

6pm - Meme Gallery

"Everything I watch, listen to, read, eat, and touch seem like different versions of the same story, the same puzzle, the same mystery. I may have a solution."
Plus!!! check out
Rhonda Divine Ratray's Mural for the year of the Tiger
@ Meme's back wall 
Come join Meme as we inaugurate our second year!-

Artist Bios:

Kirk Amaral Snow was born in Providence, RI, USA to a family representing over 300 years of immigration to the Americas. He translated their focus on the values of history and tradition into academic studies in Art History at the University of Rhode Island (BA, 2002). The following year he began formal training in the Visual Arts, earning a BA in Fine Art from the University of Rhode Island (2003) and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Amaral Snow is currently enrolled as a Masters of Fine Art candidate at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University. His artistic research concentrates on interdisciplinary practice; exploring performance, installation, and photography. Amaral Snow has presented work at Mobius (Boston, MA), AS220 (Providence, RI), Hera Gallery (Kingston, RI), Washington Street Art Center (Somerville, MA), Boston University (Boston, MA), and The New England Gallery of Latin American Art (Boston, MA). In 2009 he was an artist-in-residence at the Homestead AK, an emerging artist residency in Sunshine, Alaska.

What are the forces that drive us to conceal? If the concealment is effective, we are left surfaces, containers, objects and other signs emptied of portions of meaning: contingent objects without a present subject… mysteries. I think the term surface becomes important here, or maybe façade. In a sense it relates to the idea of a representation. There is something we can understand as “truth” in all representations, whether it is just the presence of physical materials or an image of something one knows from experience. It is also the white lie, the falsehood we believe to protect ourselves from the mystery being concealed.


Faith Johnson has a Master of Fine Arts from the Museum School/Tufts University in Boston and has performed in numerous galleries and festivals throughout the United States. She has also performed internationally in Germany, Belarus, Wales, and China. Currently she is working as an art instructor for adults with psychiatric disabilities and has taught performance art at the School of the Museum of Fine Art.

Johnson is interested in working with the invisible and internal as visualized and experienced through metaphor. She explores these intangible spaces by creating surreal and haunting human poetics through the re-contextualization of everyday objects, actions and places.




Dirk Adams creates work in a variety of media including performance, sound, and installation.

Adams' work is concerned with language, memory, and culture, and frequently investigates current events, popular culture, and politics. In his live work, different modes of performance - including physical actions, explorations of social roles, casual interactions, and theatrical personas - are frequently intertwined, as is the relationship of artist-performer to audience-participant.

Adams has exhibited sound, performance, and video work in Boston at various venues including Mobius, Boston Center for the Arts, and the Museum of Fine Arts, and elsewhere at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY; Sound & Noise Festival, Vancouver, BC; 3rd Encuentro Int'l de Performance CHOCOPOP - in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; Tremor Bogota at Mapa Teatro in Bogota, Colombia, and the 10th Open Festival of Performance Art in Beijing, China. Adams holds a BA in sociology at the University of Colorado, Boulder and an MFA from Tufts University. He is a co-owner and curator of Meme Gallery in Cambridge, MA.









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