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MEME an active manifestation.


MEME will provide space for ephemeral art to be made and witnessed.

MEME TEAM= Alice Vogler + Vela Phelan + Dirk Adams.

For specific scheduled hours please visit the "now" button.

Download: Floor plan

The Phoenix Boston best art gallery 2010: The Boston Phoenix
Crystal Friends at MEME Gallery: The Boston Phoenix
Eric Scott Nelson's "see": Leo Espinosa Blog
Flexib "Drawing Disapperance": Bostonist
MEME: Big Red and Shiny
The Present Tense: Big Red and shiny interview
Bubbleraft 2: Bostonist Interview by Elsa Kim
What (of Me) Can Only Be Seen by Others: Harvard Crimson, Boston Globe
Declare Independence: Big Red and Shiny Review

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The Present Tense

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