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We are extremely honored to have these four amazing NY artists seal Da deal!!!

May 28 2011
New York Per4mances #2

Sat May 28, 7pm-10pm

Jill McDermid
Erik Hokanson

Title: Kitsch N' Shit
BIO:  AABier is an ongoing collaboration between the sisters, Adina Bier and Arielle Bier.  They have been living and working together in Brooklyn since 2008.  Their work includes performance/installation, incorporating hand-made costuming and sculptural objects.  Thematically, their work focuses on relationships and environments. Within the situations and atmospheres that AABier create, they explore the notions of creature comforts, pop-culture influences, territories and violence, and flight of the imagination. Their work challenges the effects of limitations defined by social norms, misconceptions and ideals.  Metaphors of fantasy are manifested through studying their own boundaries and weights of connection.  

Arielle Bier is a 2011 MFA candidate at ICP-Bard and received her BA from New York University in 2005.  Adina Bier received her BFA from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University in 2007.  

In 2010 and 2011, AABier performed in various venues and galleries including, Fountain Art Fair, NY, NY, Into the Neon performART, Chashama Gallery, NY, NY, Maximum Perception Performance Art Festival, English Kills Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Fountain Art Fair, Miami, FL, LUMEN Art Festival, Staten Island, NY, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY, and ACG Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.  AABier have also performed internationally in Berlin, Germany and also in Italy, with a collaborative project, Swimming Cities of Serenissima, during the Venice Biennale in 2009. aabier.com

Jill McDermid:
BIO: Jill McDermid is a patriot-warrior who hopes the United States of America will be a country of united states again soon. The United States constitution, and all of the rights amended to it, is the landmark for a beautiful, loving place. She will be expressing her ideas of how a passionate patriot feels today.

Jill McDermid-Hokanson has been an a performance artist since 1998, and has shown in international festivals since 2002, including Transmuted [Mexico], Performance o morir [Mexico]. Diverse Unierse European Tour [Europe]. Perfo Puerto [Chile], B+PAF [Indonesia], Viva! [Montreal]. Open Art [China]. ARKA [Italy] and In'fraction [France]. She runs the Grace Exhibition Space for Performance Art in NYC with her husband Erik Hokanson.  www.grace-exhibition-space.com

Erik Hokanson:
Erik Hokanson will attempt to explain the Universe, and something else altogether, with pornography and other things irrelevant once you mention pornography.

Erik Hokanson has been explaining the Universe through food, sex and knowledge throughout Europe, South Korea and New York City, with great success. Come to eat and learn!

Erik Hokanson has been a performance artist since 2007, and has shown in international festivals since then, including Performance o morir [Mexico], Diverse Unierse European Tour [Europe],  Open Art [China], and In'fraction [France]. He runs the Grace Exhibition Space for Performance Art in NYC with Jill McDermid-Hokanson.








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