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February 1st- 7th 2011
Jim Jeffers Fortress of Multitude: project 52 for 2010—and other Fantabiographies

Live Performance / Opening: 7pm to 10pm, Friday, February 4th
Gallery Hours:
Tuesday Feb. 1st  10am-12pm
Wednesday Feb. 2nd 12pm-5pm
Thursday Feb. 3rd 4pm-9pm
Friday Feb. 4th 5pm-10pm
Saturday Feb. 5th 12pm-5pm
Sunday Feb. 6th 12pm-5pm
Monday Feb. 7th 10am-12pm

The first installation of all 52 videos of project 52 for 2010 by artist Jim Jeffers, Jim Jeffers’ Fortress of Multitude: project 52 for 2010—and other Fantabiographies represents the sum of one performance / video per week for the 52 weeks of 2010.  The exhibition will display all 52 videos playing on 13 channels on various devices (four videos per device).  The video / performances explore a personal relationship with culture through a psychoactive lens, reflecting on current events global and personal, complex and childlike.  Driven outer liminal osmotic absorption of the essential thoughts and actions of the artist’s year is the expected experience.  During the exhibition the video / performance pieces will be singularly available for viewing on the internet at http://project5242010.Fantabiography.com.
Selected individual video / performance titles:
"Soft Erection: Test Flight II (48 of 52 for 2010),"
"Bruce Banner Basement (45 of 52 for 2010),"
"Lessons About Rubber from Fictional Surf Films (40 of 52 for 2010),"
"Eclipse (37 of 52 for 2010),"
"Chimes of Xochiquetzal (33 of 52 for 2010),"
"Cape Cod Rhythms (32 of 52 for 2010),"
"Hating Loving You: California (31 of 52 for 2010),"
"Summer Teeth (29 of 52 for 2010),"
"Candle Rehab (for Jean & Gerhard Richter) (28 of 52 for 2010),"
"Quiet Reflection (Lowell, Mass) (27 of 52 for 2010),"
"Crude (three) Supine (25 of 52 for 2010),"
"The Fighter Hyperrealized (19 of 52 for 2010),"
"Test Flight: Improvised Comfort Device-Shelter Prototype I (17 of 52 for 2010)."
In addition the artist will be performing a selection of live pieces in response to the installation and audience.
Jim Jeffers is an intermedia artist working with computer mediation, web-art, performance, photography and video in conjunction with conventional media. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.  Jim teaches at UMass Lowell, where he is Assistant Professor of Art & Design.  Jim resides mostly in Lowell, Massachusetts with his beautiful wife Jean. He is a founding member of Printer on Prescott Arts Research Collaborative & Artist Studios in the historic center of downtown Lowell where he works.











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