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March 5 - 12 2011
Front Ground Temporary Ghetto
image of OMAR SAID
@ MEME's back room
Reception March 5, 7-9pm

Temporary Ghetto
Our proposal emerges as a participative installation of multiple pieces, focused on the disscusion of meaning and syntax around contemporary  concepts regarding decoration and identity.

We understand decoration as a temporary situation  concerning transit and crossings, heterogeneous and nomadic in its definition, ethimological roots, popular usage, and semiotics.

This exhibit can be visualized as a temporary ghetto, compromising Meme´s members and their community while materializing their own cosmology through the decoration of their space with the elements sent by FrontGround, becoming our time, your own time.

In the shearing of surface and decoration, using our production as raw material and not as meaningful-profound art, we believe we can criticize as well as propose new forms of dialogics regarding the detachment from concept narratives and representation.

FrontGround, visual arts research center, started operating on May 25, 2007 as an association of artists and researchers based at the legendary Manolo Rivero Gallery (in the Hotel Trinidad, Merida, Mexico).

In these 4 years of work has been distinguished by the production of high-profile artistic events, the formation of an exchange network with institutions abroad and promoting discussion and reflection on contemporary art.

We have presented solo exhibitions of Annette Merkenthaler, Vera Mercer, Humberto Chavez, Rafael Penroz, among others. We have also undertaken several multidisciplinary events with the participation of local and visiting artists or in collaboration with other associations.

With this work, FrontGround has sustained the gallery space after the death of its founder Manolo Rivero (2006 †) and at the same time has consolidated its vocation as a forum for discussion and practice of contemporary art.

Our current members are: Vanessa Rivero, Humberto Chavez, Aldo Cordoba, Marco Diaz, Rafael Penroz, Patricia Martín and Omar Said.









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