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February 20th 2011
Brain Stain: New Works by David Bodhi Boylan and Travis McCoy Fuller
Show opens at 7pm - 10pm !!


David Bodhi Boylan is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work questions how emotional instability can be represented by material decay. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. davidbodhiboylan.com

title of piece: The Shining light
description: A romantic investigation of flashing mirrors.

Travis McCoy Fuller is a visual, sonic and performance artist currently living and practicing in Roma, Italia. He was one of the founders and organizers of the late TEST performance art initiative in Boston, USA and is a member of the Los Angeles based artist collective Obscurities. He has exhibited his work widely throughout the US, Europe and South America. His practice includes, live sound performance, live action performance, video, drawing, murals, printmaking and experimental instrument building www.tmf.templeofmessages.com

title: kick out the cabinet










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