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23 actions
2009 December 30th

Wednesday 7:00-9:00 December 30
exhibition for one evening only with mystery guests and performances: ! ?

23 Actions: is a performance project curated by Daniel DeLuca as a way to explore the correlation between mundane and novel experience. The exhibition presents documentation of 23 performances from Boston based artists through video, sculpture, photography, and sound. Daniel presented each artist with a list of sixty-six actions to select from, interpret and complete within a two month period. Ranging from "do dishes and laundry" and "sleep" to "play basketball in high-heels," and "hug underwater" the actions present the artist with an opportunity to interpret and contextualize the language into act. 23 Actions also actively explores the relationship between artist and curator. Having selected both the actions and how the actions are documented and presented the curator is given the ability to re-contextualize the documentation. In this way the show can been seen as collaboration between artist and curator.

Artists include:
Dirk Adams, Sam Cormier, Anrdea Evens, Philip Fryer, Rebecca Geekie, Brandon Goddard, Siri Gossman, Merideth Hillbrand, Risa Horn, Jen Hui Bon Hoa, Sean Kay, Julio Lamilla, Alex Margitich,Taylor McVay, Maria Molteni, Liz Munsell, Vela Phelan, Alicenne Reid,Sandrine Schaefer, Evan Smith,Kirk Amanal Snow, Vlad, Alice Vogler




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