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Eric Scott Nelson see.
2010 January 31st - February 6th =


Before arriving in Boston, I will be blindfolded and will remain blind for the duration of my stay.

Sight Dictation: A performance capturing and interpreting what the audience sees. Layers of sound fill the space from the gallery goers describing what they see, as I draw images across the wall to transcribe their sight memory.

The performance is accompanied by video/sound/and drawings captured and created while blindly following a word map that spells "see" around MEME gallery.

Arriving with blindfold : Tuesday January 26th.

Call: 623-261-5483

This project experience expands far outside of the MEME gallery. I am completely dependent on others and will be with friends, strangers, or alone. A considerable amount of time will be spent exploring the area on the word map that spells "see" but the majority of the time is with those that lead me where they want and will. Please lead me to see something.

bio : website
I studied music theory and composition for two years before obtaining a BA in Interdisciplinary Art and Performance from Arizona State University. Since 2006 I have been spelling words in city blocks by walking the streets and sidewalks, which become the lines to form the letters. What I do and think about changes for each project based on the location and the definition of the verb. I am an explorer seeking new places, cultures, and experiences. I have created works in USA, Germany, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and China. I currently live and teach English in South Korea. 

Illustrations by Leo Espinosa

Sound clips from the digital recorder Eric carried
and used sporadically during the 10 day's .

Sound clips engineered by Dirk Adams.



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