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FlexiB Drawing Disappearance
2010 January 3th - January 9th =

Gallery will be open all 7 days from noon till 7pm.
Closing Saturday 9, 7pm to 9pm.

Drawing Disappearance Project by flexiB
Drawing Disappearance is a performative intervention by the Quebec City based artist Felix LeBlanc AKA FlexiB. It is a durational piece that begins Sunday, January 3rd and ends Saturday January, 9th 2010.

For a duration of 7 days, FlexiB will use the walls @ MEME to draw on with paint markers. These drawings will be in "response" to the drawings people have left at MEME for him, emailed or uploaded to his FB page . Once the work is completed for the day he will use a belt sander in order to erase the drawings on the wall so he can begin new ones the next day. That will produce layers of “ghosts” of ancient drawings.

The whole process is quite simple. People, artists or anyone interested is invited to leave a drawing (one or more) at Meme gallery, it can also be emailed to flexib_5@hotmail.com and or posted in the FaceBook group "Drawing response to flexiB/dessins-réponses à flexiB"

FlexiB will "respond" to them during his 7 day drawing performance at MEME.

He needs Boston people to feed him with drawings "simplamente"...

The artist borrows different aesthetics and references such as Graffiti, pop surrealism, classical illustration, comic-book and fine arts. His interventions have featured many collaborators and had occurency in Québec and France.

The « carnets invisibles » or « invisible sketchbooks »
Artist's blog

Bostonist Article


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