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Jeff Huckleberry "Very beautiful art show for you"

November 9 -November 21

Jeff huckleberry received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. He is the son and grandson of far more practical people, which he tries to express in his art. His spirit animal is a chicken crossed with a bear.

"For this "show" at MEME Gallery in Cambridge, MA I will try to come up with something to do...no, that isn't right. I will make a few performances for a few individual people, for video and then I will "show" these videos to whom ever would like to see them. So the "show" is really at the end of the show, on November 21st at 7pm. But then again, there is also the showing of the making of the "show" which I very much believe is just as relevant as the "show" at the end of the showing of the making of the show...I'll post a schedule for the work times so that if you would like, you may come down and watch that part of the process." JH

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