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Jesse Kaminsky BUBBLERAFT2
July 31th - August 9th = 


MEME presents a new installation by Jesse Kaminsky: "Bubbleraft 2"
This flexible, low-cost sculpture will engulf the gallery and create unique social spaces while exploring organic growth and deformation within a system.

Allergy information: this installation contains aluminum foil and latex balloons.

Jesse Kaminsky is a boston-based sculptor who uses inexpensive, readily available materials to create large scale, systems-based sculpture and installation. More information can be found at jessekaminsky.com

Opening reception will be Friday, July 31st from 7-9pm.
Closing Reception August 7 7-9pm With Ceral playing at 8pm

Gallery Hours:
noon-6pm, Sat & Sun; 6-8pm on Aug 6&7


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Bostonist Interview by Elsa Kim










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