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2010 MAY 1-30 = The $tore $how


For the month of May MEME has invited artists to open a store for one to three days. They were invited to interpret the word store however they liked.

$tore (stôr, str)
1. A place where merchandise is offered for sale; a shop.
2. A stock or supply reserved for future use: a squirrel's store of acorns.
3. Supplies, especially of food, clothing, or arms.
4. A place where commodities are kept; a warehouse or storehouse.
5. A great quantity or number; an abundance.


0$tore $how May 2, 2010


H & L restoration services
"The antidote to everyday life"

Sunday, May 2: 12pm-8pm

(Siesta from 3:30-4)
by: Heather Kapplow and Liz Nofziger


0$tore $how May 5 2010

"Testing your Personal Settings through Chaos Simulation"

OPEN Wednesday, May 5: 11am-11pm
by: Vlad Kromatika


0$tore $how May 8, 2010


Carry Out 
A group art show curated by Courtney Moy
Each artist will receive a dime bag, a 3" x3" Ziploc-style bag in which to create their work. This is open to all artists and mediums. MEME Gallery in Central Square, Cambridge will host a one-night exhibition of the work for sale on May 8, 2010 as part of the Store Show series.

OPEN Saturday, May 8
Viewing hours: 12pm - 6PM
Reception with artists and work for sale: 7pm - 9PM

Carry Out's photostream


0$tore $how May 11, 2010


Treasures of the Mysterious East
"A showcase of articles from the Near and Far East from the personal collection of Mr. Louis John Frezza IV."

OPEN Tuesday, May 11: 10am-8pm
by: Louis John Frezza IV


0$tore $how May 14, 2010


55 Soya
“We're perpetually waiting for you."

OPEN Friday, May 14: 12-8pm
by: The WRMC Collaborative (Andrew Y. Ames and Alexia Mellor)


0$tore $how May 16-18, 2010


We usually refer to this kind of space as a junk store, souvenir shop, antique market, trash pile, or knickknack shelf.
POST//TRADING invites you to come interact with our wares and leave with a piece of history.

Sunday, May 16: GRAND OPENING 4-9pm
Monday, May 17: 1-7pm
Tuesday, May 18: 1-4pm
by: Taylor McVay


0$tore $how May 20, 2010

"An choose-your-own-adventure glamor photo shoot."
Created by Melanie Bernier, Ryan Riehle, and Blair Waters.  

Photo shoot: 
Thursday, May 20th: 4pm to midnight
Gallery Reception of photographs & closing party: 
Friday, May 21: 6pm to 9pm

Rainbow Bomb photostream


0$tore $how May 23, 2010


do-it-yourself Performance Art
Art:  it's not just for artists!

OPEN Sunday, May 23: 12pm -8pm
by: Lalie DOuglas


0$tore $how May 25-27, 2010

DATUM: archive, display, distribute
an installation and performance of archiving, displaying and distributing the photographs of Aliza Shapiro.

Tuesday, May 25: 12-9:30pm  (Opening Party at 6:30pm)
Wednesday, May 26: 12-9:30pm
Thursday, May 27: 12-9:30pm (Closing Party at 6:30pm)
by: Aliza Shapiro

0$tore $how May 28-30, 2010


Crystal Friends
"Crystal Friends Turn Money Into Shit"

Friday, May 28: 6pm-11pm
Saturday, May 29: 11am-11pm
Sunday, May 30: noon-5pm
by: Dave Ortega and Ken B






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